On behalf of the entire team at Leadgate Surgery, I would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you, and to your colleagues, for the support extended to us during the testing of asymptomatic staff. It was extremely reassuring for all of us to have regular tests and have confidence that we were not infecting one another both at work and at home. The collection and delivery service was carried out in an extremely efficient manner and the results were always communicated in a very timely manner. Overall, the service was very well planned and very professionally implemented. Very many thanks for such a positive and caring experience.

Michael Foster
Practice Manager, Leadgate Surgery

I want to send a huge thank you on behalf of our Practice for the Covid-19 staff testing. The staff have found it very reassuring and were very upset to hear that funding had been withdrawn. Initial responses in Practice were a little mixed at the thought of throat/nasal swabs but after the first week almost everyone tested with enthusiasm. The swabs were the best way of maintaining safety for staff, their families and our patients. The whole service ran so smoothly, including Jim, your lovely courier. I really hope that we can look forward to working with you again soon.

Andrea Picton
Practice Manager, Claypath & University Medical Group