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We offer DNA testing services to both businesses and the general public, whether in fields such as human identity testing (e.g. paternity), animal and plant species identification, bird parentage (and sexing) or human clinical trials. We have particular expertise in pharmacogenetics. Our genomics offerings include next generation sequencing, Q-PCR, digital PCR and biobanking. 

Covid-19 Testing

UK Government approved provider of COVID-19 testing 

General Testing and Test to Release

Book your COVID-19 test by calling 0191 543 9302
or emailing

For pre-departure tests we require your flight details (destination, departure date and time, and your arrival time). Test to Release we require your arrival date back into the UK.

Visit our laboratory in Lanchester, County Durham for your swab test

A member of our team will collect a sample using a swab. Your swab will then be sent to the laboratory to be tested which is onsite.

Receive your results

Choose between a same day results service or a standard next day results service. You will receive an email to let you know your results are ready.